Thursday, October 31, 2013

First of the Fall

A deepening in the sunset, a touch of a chill in the morning all sings of the approach of autumn. 
We watch.  
A flourish of colour and the sharp patter of rain on the ground. 
The mighty Thames swells and pulses. 
Watchful eyes of eager kayakers, some Digital, some line of sight. Judgment and talk becomes a frenzy, who can tell when the weirs will begin to pump. 
Gauges sore, the lock keeper makes his way to his post. 

Oh it has rained. Three is the number .

 Welcome to the kingdom 
Matt Kenna cleans up

Matt kenna Airscrew

Doug Cooper deep in mother land 
Doug Cooper Clean Panam
Matt Kenna Helix's
Matt Blunting 
The window to the kingdom is open Doug Cooper bowels out a SideKick

These Chilling exposed conditions could not be tapped in to without the Help of Nookie the paddling company
                                                                 We give thanks