Tuesday, December 10, 2013

TI Top Deck

Doug Cooper Morocco 

So I really really wanted to talk about the best bit of kit I have ever owned / used, The TI topdeck. The 007 of paddling gear, combining function, fashion and freedom of movement.
I got hooked on TI tops some time ago. I have always been looking for warm weather dry kit and in the exception of a few years of my life I have been lucky enough to be equator bound or pretty damn close. Never too cold for the TI top and even in excessive heat it's pretty good. My brother and I traveled from Nile , to Canada to west Africa , round in circles and back to the UK. One bit of kit used thrice a day from july 2010 to August 2012 . My TI top out did my flip-flops twice over.   SO what I'm trying to say really, is if you don't own a TI top , YOU'RE CRAZY . Fact. So run out and get one for your planned winter sun trip, or just to keep in the kit bag for the spring.

Here is a selection of shots from around the globe in my TI top, testing to make sure we deliver you the best kit you could ever wish for. From Morocco to Senegal, through Mauritania, old Blighty and Uganda. The harshest of environment to test kit.

Doug Cooper white Nile Uganda 

Doug Cooper St Louis Senigal 

Doug Cooper , Nick Van Buren , Saharah 

Doug Cooper Africa 

Doug Cooper Mauritania 

Doug Cooper @ Hurley 
 AND just because I love the TI so much here is a short flick of myself and Matt Kenna putting the TI Top Deck through its paces on the white Nile!

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