Friday, February 14, 2014

Nookie 3mm Neoprene Strides

These are arguably one of the team's favourite products in the Nookie catalogue.

Nookie 3/4 Strides

They have been a staple part of the range since... um, somewhere around the year 2000, when Nookie first introduced the funky 3/4 leg Alien pant.

Iconic Nookie Alien Pants
Even Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) was seen sporting a pair not too long ago.

Kate Middleton / Duchess of Cambridge

Design and development has advanced in the last decade and the new Nookie 3/4 strides simply ooze awesomeness.

We wanted to create the best pair of neoprene trousers on the market, so we researched the technology used in expensive surfing suits and applied it to our Nookie Neoprene Strides. 

The neoprene edges and cuffs on our Strides are cut raw. This means the edges do not have stitched binding or trims around them. This raw edge provides complete contact against the skin all the way along the body, as opposed to cheaper products which use a bound edge which is susceptible to flushing. 

Raw edge neoprene

We also choose to glue and blindstitch our 3mm Neoprene Strides. This means they actually provide a complete water barrier, unlike other company's products that advertise 'flatlocked', 'overlocked' or 'mauser stitched' seams which are all ways of saying "we punch loads of holes in your neoprene product to let the cold water flush in". This also means they can use cheaper, stiffer neoprene that we simply feel is uncomfortable.

The knees are super comfortable in a kayak and canoe. They are double layered, so that's 6mm, yes 6, of squidgy, comfortable padded neoprene to protect your knees when gripping the cockpit of your kayak or kneeling in your canoe. (These are also blindstitched on, so there are no seams on the inside to rub or chafe.)

Double layer (6mm) reinforced knee

At the back of the knee there is a thinner 2.5mm super stretchy neoprene panel. This compliments the 3D articluated cut and fit of the trousers, as well as avoiding 'bunching' behind the knee. More comfortable, more flexible.

2.5mm super stretchy back of knee panel

There is a reinforced grippy print on the seat of the Strides. This means your bum stays in the right place in your kayak, and protects the neoprene from wear and tear.

Reinforced high wear areas, seat and knee

What's even better?

They are also now available in a short length, great for sprint kayaking, sailing, windsurfing and any watersport in slighlty warmer weather, as well as the fantastic full length version used by whitewater kayakers, sailors and slalomists alike.

Short Strides
Full Strides
 We hope you love our Nookie Neoprene Strides as much as we and our Team Riderz do!