Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Creation of the Evolution Dry Trousers

We have been busy in our head office in Gunnislake, Cornwall focussing our expertise on bringing you a new dry-wear range for this Autumn (2014).

We have already launched the Rapid Semi-Dry Trousers , which are becoming a firm favourite with a number of Team Riders. This month you will also be able to get your mitts on the brand spanking new Evolution Dry Trousers

This is a new collection, so keep reading to find out how and why we've made this exquisite pair of trousers with new Pro Bib Pants and Charger Dry Suit hot on the heels!


Definition: The process by which things have developed and improved from earlier forms. 


Nookie Evolution Dry Trousers
Nookie Evolution Dry Trousers
(available with
latex ankle seals or
fabric dry socks)

So, how did we develop our NEW Nookie Evolution Trousers?

We have been renowned for our popular dry trousers for many years, so we looked at the current range and their predecessors. We listed the best features most loved by our customers and listened to them about what more they wanted from their dry trousers.

We kept some classic features, such as the tall glued and blindstitched neoprene waist tube, with sharkskin mesh for anti-wicking (limiting the water drawn up in your cag), because it's easy to put on, stretchy and flexible, stays in place and offers extra insulation in colder environments.

We updated the anatomical, dynamic cut to improve fit, reduce extra fabric in the seat and allow freedom of movement when out of your boat scouting or portaging.

One of the most exciting new developments used in the Evolution Dry Trousers is the brand new EvoTX 4 4ply Fabric and EvoTX 500D Reinforced Fabric developed for us to offer the best balance between waterproofness, breathability and durability.

Both these 4ply fabrics have a durable grey membrane that prevents water penetrating them, yet allow vapours (perspiration) to escape, with the added wicking benefit of the tricot layer next to your skin. Both fabrics are coated with Durable Water Repellant (DWR). The Reinforced fabric has a denser weave Nylon face fabric to withstand more wear and tear. From experience, we know this has to cover the seat, knees, outer ankles and socks. 

The new socks are asymmetric (fit either your left or right foot) to be more comfortable. They are designed to have limited seams to last longer. Wear them with socks inside as a base layer and shoes over the top to extend their lifetime. Alternatively, you can choose the classic latex ankle seal that can be trimmed down to fit.

We wanted to reflect the rugged new tough fabric (EvoTX4) so the panel layout offers the best protection and comfortable fit, with retro-reflective trims for safety. The adjustable ankles are lined with neoprene for comfort and are finished with co-ordinating stylish red velcro and low snag adjustable tabs. 

All the taping is of dive-quality and is quality controlled through-out production runs.

EvoTX4 (upper - grey)
EvoTX 500D Reinforced (lower - black)
Low snag adjustable velcro tab
with neoprene lined ankle cuff
Dive quality taping on EvoTX4
with durable grey membrane

Designed by our in-house team (with over three decades of combined experience) and thoroughly tested by a multitude of team riders and outdoor professionals in the four corners of the World... these fantastic dry trousers are currently rolling off our busy production line in our factory in Cornwall, England.


Designed and Made in Cornwall, England.