Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nookie Boardies - our new favourite shorts

The design team are pretty excited about the new Nookie Boardies. 

 Sometimes what seems to be the simplest design takes the longest to get right.

A phenomenal amount of careful pattern design, fabric specification, sampling and customer feedback have gone into these simple board shorts to make sure they're perfect.

 Made from a soft polyester fabric that not only hangs nicely when worn, but dries incredibly quickly to make them comfortable to wear literally every day.

Replacing the traditional Velcro fly with a Lycra gusset and lace tie makes these shorts soft against the skin and easy to adjust. Not to mention they avoid embarassing Velcro bulges when sitting down ;)

 Great attention to detail has gone in to making really useful pockets. The generous hand pockets are exactly that; perfect for mooching about.

The clever 'hidden' pocket inside the right seam is zipped shut to keep its contents safe. Add to that a useful shockord/bungee loop inside to attach your keys or other valuables to and you'll never lose them.

Available in two colours, grey with blue trim, or grey with yellow trim.

Wear them on a board, in a boat, at the beach or in a bar!
We hope they'll also be your new favourite shorts pretty soon too.