Sunday, April 15, 2007

Congratulations Chris Harvey!

Just a quick update on my latest competition result…

On 17/18th March I was competing in one of the largest events of the year. The Santa Cruz World Cup Class Surf Kayak Event. It’s one of the hottest competitions of the year with most of the worlds top surf kayakers. The opening rounds were tense with few waves, but I kept a cool head and won both my opening heats, knocking out legend Jim Grossman. I also won my my quarter and semi-final rounds knocking out 3 more big players, former US Champion Vince Shay, reigning Santa Cruz Champion (and former world champion) Rusty Sage and British Champion Dessie McGlinchey. An aerial in my semi-final also secured me the highest score of the day. With only the final to go there was really only one more player to beat…current world champion and santa cruz local, Dave Johnston. The final heat was close but with my more dynamic style I scored a few extra points to clinch the title.