Monday, February 08, 2010

Canoe Kayak Magazine Dry Cag Review - Assault wins CKUK Recommendation

Issue number 107 of Canoe Kayak Magazine saw the CKUK test team check out seven of the leading dry cags to find out which one's best for keeping you dry this winter.....and guess what?... The Nookie Assault won the CKUK Recommendation.

The Magazine stated "The fit on the Assault is excellent and our testers felt it was the best fitting cag in the test. It's a very close fit and there is no spare material anywhere to flap about and catch water, but it gives suberb freedom of movement without riding up. The waist tube sits just right and there's no bunching. It's clear that Nookie have put a lot of thought in to the shape of the Assault. The team also really liked the Xtetra4 fabric. It feels really light to wear compared to other cags, but seemed to be more than a match for the cold of a UK winter. Combined with the cut this makes the Assault really nice to wear. The elbow protection sits exactly where it needs to be and the other neat little touch was the spray-deck clips. Our decks always end up riding down a bit, and this simple feature makes that a thing of the past."
The CKUK team felt "the flat gunmetal grey looks very cool" but they'd have preferred it if the Assault was in a brighter colour, which is a valid point and one we considered when designing this shell. We (at Nookie) wanted a more stealth design for this cag and that the on-river visability would be bought through with the lid, Buoyancy Aid, and retro-reflective piping. There are many many bright colourful shells out there and our market research has proved there are many paddlers looking for something just a little bit cooler, whilst not compromising on safety.
To read the whole review please grab yourself a copy of Issue 107 or visit the website at