Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chile- Surfing and Creeking

Just settling back in Peru after a great time down in Chile over the holidays!
Life in Peru is still sweet, but I thought I'd head down south to check out what all the fuss is about down in Chile.
I got my hands on plenty of Nookie neoprene to shelter me from the icy sea, and took delivery of the fancy new Nookie surf skirt to keep me dry in the heavy surf.

The new deck has a high waist tube and fits really snug onto the cockpit so it was such a great bit of kit to have along!

We got our hands on a hire car and went searching down more southern Chile to find some secret spots and scored some incredible waves.

After scoring heaps of waves on the coast we headed to Pucon for a spot of Creeking before the long journey back up to Peru. to trade in the winter neoprene for boardshorts and warm water!

Check out the lines we returned home to in Peru!!