Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just vote for this video and thereby help a charity!

I think everybody who has a GoPro does not need the 10.000 Euro as much as e.g. some kids in Uganda....

I just edited some footage from our last trip to Lapland this spring. Excuse my quick and dirty editing, but time was short to get the video online for the contest. After the contest I will cut one properly and publish it in HD! ;-)
Please vote for my new Lapland-Video in this Sportscheck-Video-Contest, because the winner will get 10.000 EURO (= around 13.600 US Dollar) shopping-voucher for this sports-shop “Sportscheck” and if my video wins, we will sell all the products on ebay and donate the money to a charity of your choice! We guess the money will accumulate to around 6.000 - 10.000 US Dollars.

You can vote for the charity the money should go to on my blog:

To support this charity-project just like the “Sportscheck”-Fanpage on facebook and vote (i.e. click the button "abstimmen") for my video:
Sports4Charity Video

Two possible charities you can give your vote for on my blog are Soft Power Health or Soft Power Education in Uganda.

Please vote and spread the word!

Thanks a lot for your support!