Monday, June 11, 2012

Meat And Water

A few days ago I had to recognize, that the form of my ass takes on the form of my office seat and not the form of my boat seat anymore... What a horrible realization! F..k! A change was necessary! So the only logic reaction was to break out and escape to the strange high forms, growing out of the ground, called mountains. So my buddies Thilo, Johannes and Maxi picked me up for a long 8h ride to... Where to go?  Switzerland? Austria? Just before the interchange we decided to join Philip, Thilo, Bernd and Kai in Austria. Yeah, waking up, seeing the mountain feels so great! Damn that they’re so far away from home. 


Reloaded in a small bakery and armed with the new Lettman GRANATE L we were pretty fired up for some action on the Brandenberger Ache. The new weapon did its work and we were ready for another ride in the later evening and got reinforced by the butcher Ulli, his meat-van and the young gun Kasper. 

To get myself a good start into the new season I decided to exit my boat on a juicy flow on the Brandy to get a delicious booty afterwards...Haha. Satisfied but tired of the first day we finished it with an enormous barbecue. 


Next day we went to the Koppentraun. A great flow of 1,5 m put us a big smile in our faces. Ok, I saw one of the best parts upside down, but even nice through this perspective. Hehe.

Even more motivated we started to our next goal, the Lofer gorge. But to our surprise it was much too high. Really not healthy..! So we decided to run the Weißbach, a nice little creek nearby. A little bit destroyed of the two runs and the longer drive we reloaded with an enormous barbecue again.

Got used to the character of a small creek we breakfast the Gimmbach at the following morning. Sweet one! Still heavier but stronger of the second barbecue we were prepared for bombing the Untertalbach, a pearl!!! Oh yes, we got our asses spanked on a great water level! Give this to a kayaker: big slides, tricky entrances, nice drops, even a bigger one – and every one owns a biiiig smile!

At the end of the day we celebrated a little Park n’ Huck session at the Römerfall. The river is called Taugl. A nice 8 to 9 meter drop which pushes to the left vertical wall at the bottom. This exit gave two of us booties in the later evening. Sweet!

To finish our trip we did - what do you think? Yes, another enormous barbecue.


To finish our short trip we digested the meat during a fast run on the Brandy again. What a nice completion! During the long drive back home we planned our next short trip. Destination? Maybe like the last one. Or in this time Switzerland? We‘ll decide it during we’re heading south again

See you soon in the mountains, dudes!

Alex Rodegro
Nookie Team Rider

Thanks to Kasper, Ulli, Maxi, Thilo for the great shots!