Sunday, April 28, 2013

GB Selections 2013

Hi all,

Just checking in after an absolutely amazing weekend of paddling.

Following on from the GB Selection event at Hurley a month or so ago this weekend saw the final two GB Selection events being hosted at Nottingham White Water Course. With only 20 team places available over 8 different categories the competition was tough.

Having won the last C1 GB Selection event at Hurley I came into this weekend feeling pretty confident about my performance. I had also put in some solid rides during training approaching this event so that was an extra boost.

When it came to the day, I went through all my normal preparation including warm ups on the bank and water. I also ensure that I visualise my rides so that when dropping onto the wave I have essentially already done all my moves (when visualising your brain sends faint signals to your muscles, not strong enough for voluntary movement but just enough to feel it in advance). The first competition was on inlet gate so I was expecting it to be my highest scoring competition of the day (both events were on the Saturday).

I don't think my runs could of gone much better! Hit my big moves solid and ended up with a score of 610 points, my new C1 competition record! Moving forwards and looking towards the worlds, this is comparable with the top 5 from the prelims of the last world cup in NOC where the championships are being held.

Stuck a quick video of my first ride up on youtube which can be found here:

Fellow Nookie Team Member Sam Stephenson also had a wicked weekend. This was Sam's first year in the mens category with a big step up from the juniors. He paddled really well, hitting solid McNastys and Phonics both ways. Unfortunately he just missed the squad by one place.

Sunday consisted of GB Team Training. This is a great opportunity to get coaching on the water but also on the other aspects of paddling. I sat down with our team strength and conditioning coach as well as the physio and sports psychologist to work out a training plan for the coming months.

In two weeks time both Sam and I are heading out to Plattling to compete in the 1st Eurocup event, cant wait!

Thanks as always to Nookie for supporting me with my paddling.

See you on the water,
Josh Wedgwood