Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sjoa fest:How was it? Emotional!

The Sweet Rumble Extreme race was cancelled due to super high water levels.Ugg elected to take his plastic Bullet rather than the composite. On arrival the locals said it was a small boat. The Amot section (class 5) of the Sjoa was very high. During the festival only 6 paddlers ran it: Ugg said it was an emotional humbling experience and in Amot gorge he disappeared deep underwater to emerge spinning in a seam with only 4 inches of bow showing above the water. Rob Coffey got caught in a shed size boil and had many roll attempts - "reminded me of Zambezi in flood". Local Pete Vickers styled it with a cool reverse screw on a bus size pillow but said only ran it once before at that level.

The new latex free Zone shell was put through four days of ww testing from pluggin waterfalls to super long work outs in big rapids to deep meltdowns. All awesome results so far. Next Bill is takin one for another shakedown.