Thursday, December 11, 2008

Steep creeking in Nepal? It's possible!

Namaste! After I won the Himalayan Whitewater Festival I went back to good old Pokhara. It's a good place to relax and get ready for the next mission.

me, enjoying the first drop

Close to town is the Seti River. After one run of the upper Seti five weeks ago, I said:"Never again!" It was just rocky bullshit. But then, Anton and Will came back from a first descent of one canyon further upstream of the normal put-in and told us about great waterfalls in a narrow canyon.
So we went up there for a few times and paddled the shit. It was just incredible to find waterfalls like this in Nepal! So much FUN! Enjoy the pictures...

early morning in Pokhara. ready to go!

thanks the Porters!

me in the lower canyon, second drop...

and first drop
Basti goes for a SICK boof!!

Yesterday we came back from a other trip up there. But this time we went further up to a other canyon which nobody had run before. It wasn't that good, just two nice drops and the rest portage. But still a good adventure with campfire, sleeping outside, climbing through the jungle and exploring a beautiful valley where not many people have been before.

nice drops and crazy jungle on the upper canyon

Now I'm back in Pokhara, waiting for a call from the police so that i can pick up my kayak. I'm such a lucky man that they found it and the guy who have stolen it! Yeahh, I hope he goes to jail!

Thanks to Tim Ripper for the pictures! more of it at

all the best

Don Ron