Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nookie Creek Dayz - THE MOVIE

So seven weeks ago I was in the Swiss Alps with James, Alex, Hazel, Ron, Tim and the boys from Riverside Oxford. The creek dayz were going superbly, until I stumbled, fell off a ledge and broke my foot! RUBBISH

Whilst away the boyz from Riverside Oxford got a bit carried away with their video cameras and thanks to Finn Burrows have produced rather a good movie. Please watch and enjoy.....

Any way I have just had my cast removed and now looking forwards to getting back in a boat again coaching in the French Alps in two weeks time. I just can't wait for many things but in particular want to sit in a kayak again, use my lovely Nookie Guide Strides and am very impatiently awaiting the arrival of my Nookie Assassin Drysuit which looks awesome.

Lastly a huge thanks to Alex for organising the Creek Dayz and a bunch of generally unorganised paddlers, we are all looking forwards to the 2010 repeat.

See you on the river