Monday, July 27, 2009

Assassin In Action

With all this talk of the new Nookie Assassin Drysuit, I thought I’d let you all know what it’s like on / in the water!

The guys @ Nookie were kind enough to let me abuse use their new Assassin Drysuit on my recent adventures to Norway. Despite my best efforts 150ish hours of pure adrenalin fuelled abuse and its still going strong. Anything I could throw at it, it shrugged off, scrambling, climbing, abseiling, scraping down rocks and that was just getting to the river!

Paper, Scissors, Stone - the ultimate way to decide who goes first, it would appear i'm quite good at this game!

The new 3ply bamboo fabric is so soft and super breathable that you don’t even notice your wearing it, but don’t tell people on the river or they’ll end up stroking you every time you eddie out! But this does mean that 12 hour days on the river are a revelation.

Take Off, The infamous cushion on Ulla Slides

Some more idyllic snow melt, crystal clear, white water.

The mesh reinforcement is still amazing me. The guys @ Nookie told me they had so much faith in it that I could throw away my elbow pads! It’s so durable it just slides off rock, literally! OK I’m a whimp, and used some 661 chicken wings under the suit, but thankfully you can at last say good bye to bulky elbow pads.

Line up & tuck, Money Drop

Check back soon for more stories from Norway

Get Wet - Stay Dry