Thursday, March 25, 2010

New toys @ Hurley - Part 1

In the recent years the infamous Hurley Weir has been on what is a funny three gates, meaning the middle wave is good but nowhere near the potential beast it can be. As of late we have been treated to the weir being on a very impressive level, with MASSIVE, GREEN, CURLING shoulders and a nice deep pit, well for Hurley anyway! This was aptly named the Brazilian by Doug Cooper, as the wave has a clean, smooth runway with a small tuft on top! Luckily enough I've been privileged enough to have the Wavesport Carbon Project on it and have been working on the consistency of my moves and making sure they score every time for competitions this year! Anyway, Team Wavesport Rider Mark Childerhouse has just got a pretty sweet new SLR and we have been toying around with his MASSIVE......lense and here's the results and photos!

Ive also recently brought an HD Cam so keep your eyes peeled next week for a cool new vid!Enjoy,
Keep Safe and Go Big,
Matt K