Thursday, September 16, 2010


It was the middle of May. I was so damn sick of watching all the whitewater rivers on the internet, just with the feeling to break out again for another trip. Even though that the year till May wasn`t so bad for me as a normal employee. A few days in Austria, about one week in Galicia / Portugal and one week in Switzerland. But at this time I knew that I was caught in Germany during the Teva Race and the Straight Down Striit. Believe me, my mood rised in July after booking the flight to Oslo, where my buddy Thilo and I met the Norwegian locals and their friends. The plan was to run as much classics as possible in ten days. So we were pretty fired up. Arrived at the airport of Oslo our plans changed quickly after getting in contact with the Norwegians, Canadians and Dutchies.

The new route was simply to describe in two words: Go North!

We followed the interesting mission to head up to the artic circle and leave the well known rivers of the popular whitewater guidebook in the south to check out some little-known (only by Norwegians, Finnish and Russians) and maybe unknown river-sections.

The north is not a five star hotel facility. Everything depends of the mood of the weather. But if you hit the right time frame, the north will blow your mind. It is the combination of the surrounding, the loneliness, the midnight sun with 24h of daylight and of course rivers, rivers, rivers. Ah - and fucking huge mosquitoes! Just have a look from your way to the valleys right and left and you can find more and more fantastic whitewater.

In those ten days we only scratched the surface. There are plenty of rivers left to discover. It was just the beginning. You will find beautiful sections with huge slides, falls with drop and pool characters, some are fair some are tricky embedded in gorges or open landscapes. Maybe you get rewarded with a trip in a gorge, eagles gliding above your head yelling at each other. So take your time and go up north! One thing is left to say, watch out for your back and don’t miss the right lines of the slides. Your back will give you thanks.

Big thanks to Mariann Saether for helping me out with these wonderful photos. (After my loss of technical equipment.)

Alex Rodegro

Nookie Team Rider