Thursday, June 02, 2011


Nookie Assassin Suit 10/11
I have to say I wasn't sure about the lurid green, but to everyone there comes (at least once) a time to admit that @hazelwilson was right. Not only has our Assassin suit been a massive hit, but furthermore, rather similarly green stuff has been popping up all over the place, and the dayglo is-it-green-or-yellow-really appears to be the latest trend in the high street as well :)

Here's the new Animal Assassin. We like...
It's probably not a predictable surfing destination for kayakers, but we immensely enjoyed this article in Nylon Mag this week, largely because it made us feel even better, if that was possible, about choosing that green.

Our completely-swamped-by-demand UK production facility (we think that sounds swankier than "factory") has been a sea of green for a while now. Everywhere I look, there's bright green fabric. It's shattered the myth that kayakers will only buy conservative colours, as sales and customer feedback continue to indicate that boaters want a highly visible colour but not necessarily the traditional safety yellow or orange. We are also super-happy that the green doesn't seem to fade or get stained badly, which has been a worry in the past.
Nookie Assassin Shell 2011

Since we try to be the other sort of green and minimise waste, we are now using up the leftover green fabric in the construction of an all-new limited edition Assassin drytop, and I really want one, because it is cooo-ooool... It has an all new easy-on/off inner waist tunnel, power-uppable outer cuffs and a bomber glued and blindstitched neck cover with extra-comfy edge technology. And as if it wasn't already hi-viz enough, or bling enough, the logos are retro-reflective silver :)
Nookie Assassin Shell - Back View

Please note this is a full-latex drytop, unlike the Zone shell which features neoprene glideskin seals for extra comfort and for those with latex sensitivity.

Btw we're having a giggle at the moment at the companies who advertise their neoprene necks as "for those with latex allergies" and then go on in the next sentence to say "Natural latex gaskets at wrists". Duh... 

So, just to clarify, if you have a latex allergy or just hate latex, buy a Zone... if you don't have, perhaps you will like this new Assassin or the Assault or Airscrew at

 Enjoy... all of the above    >>>>>>>>>