Friday, November 20, 2015

Bespoke Printing For Your Activity Centre or Club

We offer a personalised printing service

We can print your company logo on NKE Buoyancy Aids and NKE Jackets so they are easy to identify as well as advertise your company.

Once Only Set-Up Fee
We only charge a set-up fee the first time you order. The artwork is kept on file so there’s no need to pay for set-up each time you order.

It's really simple... place your order with our Sales Team and then follow the 3 steps below.

Call or email our Sales Team for a full quote now
01822 832 333 or

1. Send Your Logo

Email your logo to us and
our clever designer will
transform it into a vinyl print.
We accept all sorts of files
from .jpgs, .psd, .ai and .pdf.

If you're not sure, just ask.

2. Approve Artwork

We will then email you back
with a colour .jpg for your
approval. It will clarify any
amendments we've had to
make to your logo to put it
through our one-colour
print process.

3. Receive Good

Once we have your approval,
we'll crack on and print all
your lovely products.

We'll pack them up safely
and courier them to you
as soon as they're ready.
Our busy design and production
team can't wait to get their hands
on your logo.

As soon as we receive your logo,
we convert it to a file that our
plotting machine will cut out
with pin point accuracy.

We then hand pick out
the design ready to print.
Your logo is then pressed on your
buoyancy aid or jacket and
sealed with heat. They are then
re-packed and shipped    
straight to your door.

        This process is extremely durable,     
we have used it for nearly a

We have many happy customers
because of the fantastic quality
and visual impact.

Call our Sales Team for a quote now 01822 832 333 or email