Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thermal layering for on, off and in the water.

I love this time of year. The leaves are changing colour and the rain starts falling to fill up our beautiful rivers.

It also means it's time to start wrapping up warm to enjoy as much time on the water and out in the elements as possible. This gives me the opportunity to share my tips and thoughts on layering.

Layering your breathable, waterproof and thermal clothing can help to keep you warm, dry, comfortable and safe in and on the water. By choosing a variety of garments it allows you to add or remove layers to react to the conditions and your own body temperature. It's always a good idea to plan ahead what you want to wear, what to take with you and even what to have ready waiting for you as soon as you get back to the car!

Personally I would recommend a base layer all year round. In the summer it keeps you cool by wicking moisture away from your skin and in the winter it keeps you warm by trapping air close to your body.

How should it fit?
A base layer should be tight fitting so the fabric is close to the skin to work most effectively.

What should it be made of?
At Nookie we believe for watersports a synthetic base layer offers better performance because it dries much quicker than natural fabrics such as wool.

What do we recommend? 
Nookie Softcore Thermal Base Layer.
© @tommyhatwell
OK, first things first, everybody who has this top, loves it. One of our customers, Ben, emailed us when he opened his delivery from Nookie to find his brand new Softcore Top inside:

"What is this top made from?! It's so soft I want to cry. It's like it's made from clouds or angel wings!"

We know you'll want to feel it for yourself after that description!

Our Nookie Softcore is actually made from our incredible Softcore fabric, comprised of a Nylon and Spandex blend that is quick drying, stretches 4-ways and is super-soft and furry against your skin. The UPF30+ offers sun protection when you need it, which is great if you choose the short sleeve option in the summer.

What can you use it for?
The Softcore Thermal Base? Anything! Literally anything. We know from customers, Team Riders and our in-house factory team that it works brilliantly for nearly any activity.
Kayaking, Canoeing, Walking, Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, Outdoor Circuit Training, Surfing Rash Vest, Motorcycling, Rafting... to name but a few!

Softcore Thermal Base Layer

This layer is designed to trap the warmth your body creates, as well as further wicking away any perspiration from activity. In watersports you might choose a quick drying fleece or a neoprene/wetsuit layer.

How should it fit?
A mid layer should fit comfortably and does not have to be as tight as a base layer. It works by trapping air between your layers, so a fit like a snug jumper would work nicely.

What should it be made of?
In most situations it should be a breathable synthetic fabric, but occasionally a neoprene/wetsuit layer may be a better choice because of it's windproof properties.

What do we recommend?
We have three great mid layers that we would recommend. The Nookie Thermalcore100 Top and the Nookie Iceman All-In-One are both made from Polartec® Classic100 Recycled Fleece for warmth and wicking.
Iceman All-In-One
The Nookie Ti Vest 1mm Neoprene is a great choice if you don't need as much breathability (less active) but want more protection and warmth from the wind.

Ti Vest Short & Long Sleeve

What can you use it for?
The Nookie Iceman is a versatile one-piece. Primarily designed for cold kayaking expeditions, this stylish thermal has a following that includes RAF pilots, heating engineers, hard-core campers and any one on a river shuttle run.

Use the Thermalcore 100 everyday! It's a great technical mid layer, but it's really popular as a climate control jumper for want of a better description.  It's often seen around Nookie HQ at this time of year (not to mention the local Pub too).

The Ti Vest is a good choice if you're likely to get wet. It's popular with surf kayakers as a mid/outer layer, but it's also popular with recreational paddlers who feel the cold but aren't exerting a lot of energy.

Depending on what activity you're doing on the water, means you need to choose the right outer layer for you. This layer should protect you from the wind and rain, and if you choose, keep you dry in the water. It should also be breathable to help release the active moisture your base and mid layers have wicked to the surface.

Why not read our Drywear Guide for helpful advice about how to choose between a full drysuit, or a layering system of jackets and trousers.

Have fun out there this autumn, and whatever you do, make sure you keep yourself safe and warm!


Hazel, Designer @ Nookie
in her Thermalcore 100 mid layer