Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spraydeck(skirt) Sizes Debacle

Like pretty much all our competition, we make about four types of neoprene spraycover, in about four sizes. Unlike most of 'em we also do some more specialist products like special skirts for squirtboats, surfkayaks, kidz boats etc.

And we thought we were pretty cool because these all worked really well and (most) everybody thought they rocked.

But here's the thing. Kayak manufacturers seem to have forgotten that they have to design their boats to work with existing spraycovers, or else supply their own. Most of them don't supply their own in any meaningful way, which I take to mean that they realise how difficult it is. So why do some of them just make some random cockpit shape and ship it out into the market place expecting us (and every other softwear manufacturer) to work some kind of miracle and make everything watertight?

It's REALLY annoying for us as spraydeck designers but it must be doubly so for the boater who needs a deck for their new kayak... we sympathise.