Wednesday, January 18, 2012

High Level on The Doubs and the Rhone.

High Level on The Doubs and the Rhone.

Autumn was very dry in France
We did some kayaking on artificial rivers, a little on the flat, nothing
very interesting.

It lasted long enough to make us lose hope, but early December rain appeared
as salvation: the Doubs became interesting and then the Rhône too.
So I called my friends, we cut class! and many converged towards Rhône/Alpes
and the surrounding area for a fantastic week of sessions.
The Rhône rose up to 1800 m3, it hadn’t been like that for the past three years.

The water level changed, the waters moved, we spent a sick week and took
many pictures, then came the cold, the levels decreased, so we stopped.

But there are heavy snow falls on the Alps, so a wet spring is on the way …