Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nookie Iceman Review

Hi Guys,

So over the Christmas holidays I was fortunate enough to be able to head over to the states for a weeks skiing at Winter Park Resort, Colora

do. Had an absolutely great week out there in the thigh powder. The temperature on the mountain was always well below freez

ing, average day time temperature of -15C! To keep me warm and toasty I bought along my Nookie Iceman! Here is a review of the suit explaining why it is a must have it the kit bag! I explain the key features of the product so if your looking for some more information about the Iceman, check it out.

As I say in the video, I did ski into a tree on the last day and ended up going down in the blood wagon. I actually found this good fun! Ski patrol were great and patched me up. Fortunately when back in the UK the doctors said that my wrist was wrongly diagnosed as broken so now I am better and ready to paddle! :)

See you on the water