Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Feels like Spring, n'est-ce pas?

Next off the line, this season's must have legwear. Or kayak bum wear, anyway.

OK, you don't "must have" them really. But we'd like you to have them, and we think you'll be glad you did!

2012 strides are made in premium quality four way stretch neoprene with a reinforcing dot matrix on the seat and knees. On the ones that have knees. Because they come in short, three-quarter (capri) and long styles.

Pictured are the three-quarter ones, obviously. At least, we would hope it's obvious. The short ones are shorter, well above the knee. The long ones come right down to the ankle.

 Otherwise they have the same features.

This product and its previous incarnations has been super-popular with serious whitewater kayakers, but really for any kind of kayaking, canoeing, surfing or stand up paddling, if you want easy to use warmth and protection on your legs, these are the mustard.

Very much worth a look for fishing from a sit-on kayak, giving safety and protection for all eventualities.

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL and a genuine unisex fit. Check them out online at nookie.co.uk/strides